BFF Cookies

Is it killer lady entrepreneur week at Hungry in Calgary or what? I have a very important new business alert to share with you all!

Meet BFF Cookies, the jumbo cookie service that takes orders throughout the week, bakes small batches over the weekend and delivers them right to your door the following Monday. When I first heard the business concept and was offered a free sample, I thought “Okay, I’m interested, but why only Mondays?” Then this happened:

Hungry in Calgary | BFF Box

These were hand-delivered to me in my office building last week and I was NOT prepared for a box loaded with heavy, hearty cookies crusted in beautiful toppings.

Hungry in Calgary | BFF Pro Tips
Pro serving tips come in every box!

Matt and I couldn’t even wait to get these home before we popped the box open and tried one “for the road”. We saw a peanut butter cup and just lost our minds:

Hungry in Calgary | BFF PB No J
The PBnoJ filled with Reese’s pieces, a gob of peanut butter and a full sized peanut butter cup!

Peanut butter is Matt’s all time favourite dessert flavour, so we had to go for it!

Hungry in Calgary | BFF PB Filling
Peanut butter on peanut butter!

Even without being warmed up, the PBnoJ had a chewy, moist texture while simultaneously holding up with perfect structural integrity. It was easy to split down the middle by hand and it was a filling portion as a treat for two. The flavour and texture made me think of a really good peanut butter blondie I’d had a few years and I’ve been chasing that feeling ever since. I’m so happy that the hunt is now over! The remaining cookies had to be spread over the next three days, but we found them all equally moist, chewy and delectable after a quick round in the microwave. At this point I don’t care what day of the week I’m allowed to receive a delivery of these – BFF Cookies, please take my money!

Hungry in Calgary | BFF Coocookiekie
The Coocookiekie – whole cookie center, marshmallows, Cookies & Cream Brigadeiro AND assorted cookies baked into the dough

We didn’t see how anything could top the PBnoJ, but Matt discovered his new favourite was actually the Coocookiekie.

Hungry in Calgary | BFF Cookie Filling
Molten chocolate and marshmallows for days!

We warmed it up according to the directions in the box and loved how this attempt at cookie inception had the gooey fudginess of a terrific homemade brownie as well as the marshmallowy goodness of a comforting cup of cocoa. Seriously, this has to be experienced to be believed. When I think of brownies made by someone who loves me, I envision the very flavour that was conjured up in this molten cookie.

Hungry in Calgary | BFF Limongie
The Limongie – A lemon meringue pie in cookie form!

We microwaved the Limongie as well and really enjoyed the warm lemon curd inside as well as the chewy-crispy meringue pieces.

Hungry in Calgary | BFF Lemon Filing
You can see how moist these are!

I love pie in general so this was obviously an appealing option. I found that the simple cookie dough had a sweetened pie crust effect with those familiar lemon meringue flavours. Seriously a great cookie! And practically a health food with all that beautiful citrus in there. Right?

Hungry in Calgary | BFF Phoebe
The Phoebe – cereal, dried strawberries filled with marshmallows and strawberry jelly

Next I want to talk about my favourite, the Phoebe! I first fell in love when I warmed this baby up for breakfast (I know, Mom and Dad, but I’m 30 and I can do what I want!) The smell of strawberry jelly coming out of the microwave was stunning. We didn’t even capture a photo of the filling because splitting this in half and eating it ASAP was all I could think about. The texture of the corn flakes and the moist, warm flavour of the cookie itself reminded me of a seriously high quality oatmeal cookie. Like the PBnoJ, this had a nostalgic flavour for me and I couldn’t place it despite recognizing the wonderful feeling it gave me of being a kid and sitting at a cozy kitchen table. The Phoebe is a life changer!

Hungry in Calgary | BFF Chosen One
The Chosen One

Saving the best, or perhaps the most classic, for last – the Chosen One! A straight up beautiful chocolate chip cookie. This tastes like comfort, like the recipe from the back of a Chipits bag, only more gigantic, moist and tender than I could ever recreate at home. The lightly browned peaks and the melty chocolate chips made every bite a blast from the past. Paired with a cold glass of 1% milk, this snack made my whole afternoon.

BFF Cookies only launched this past Monday on April 15, but they sold out their first run in just one day! I’m not one to try decadent-looking foods just for a nice photo – heavily garnished novelty milkshakes give me tidy-eating anxiety and I skipped rainbow bagels in NYC in favour of an “everything” with lox. I want to know for sure that it’s going to taste as good – or better – than it looks. That’s what you get with BFF Cookies.

I wish this was an ad because honestly being paid to write about cookies is my dream job and I’m still hunting for that opportunity. I am here to tell you to believe the hype – you’ll see bloggers talking about these cookies and they’ve already been featured on the Daily Hive.

Orders open every Monday for delivery the following Monday, so I highly recommend logging on next week to see what you can get. If you’re not sure how you’ll eat a big box of cookies during the week, plan a weeknight dinner party! Or just get the lil “Squad” box of 4 for $24 to tide you over for a few days. Or go all in with the Furious 6 for $35, the Gr8 for $42 or the Cookie Monster (10!!) for $55. You can pick from her eight flavours and just go to town!

Please let me know if you end up trying these local delights! I’m so curious to hear what you think and more importantly – which one was your favourite!




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