Gyro at Quizno’s

I was completely overcome with emotion when Quizno’s reached out to me a few weeks ago. No, I wasn’t receiving a lifetime achievement award for the hundreds of chicken carbonara subs I’ve consumed since high school. Instead, they wanted to mail me a gift card so I could try out their limited-time-only gyro made with beef and lamb, then let them know what I think.

The location we chose (3554 Garrison Gate SW) unfortunately didn’t carry feta, one of the recommended toppings, but we were still able to choose between a sub, flatbread, wrap or sandwich and stack them up high with fresh veggies and creamy, garlicky tzatziki.

Hungry in Calgary | Quiznos Gyro Sub
Why don’t subs ever photograph as well as they taste?

I chose the sub, which didn’t work out too well as those delightful fillings kept trying to slide out from between the toasted buns. Matt’s wrap worked out a lot better as it did a great job of containing all the ingredients.

Hungry in Calgary | Quiznos Gyro Wrap
The wrap – so uniform, so contained.

The gyro meat itself was nicely seasoned, mild and not greasy. It worked well with the mozzarella we both chose to replace the missing feta. I could definitely see myself going back for another gyro soon – maybe even the salad next time (as long as I can convince them to slather it with extra tzatziki).

This of course was not quite the same as picking up a pita wrap slathered in house garlic sauce from your favourite hole-in-the-wall mom and pop shop, but I found that my body was a lot happier with me after I ate this lighter version of one of my go-to faves. 

If you like a little Mediterranean flair to your meals on the go, I recommend giving the Quizno’s gyro a try. As part of the celebrations about this brand new sandwich, keep an eye on my Instagram for a special giveaway!

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